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  • Self Tapper Pilot Hole

    10 Nov 2015
  • How to Measure a Screw Gauge.

    13 Jan 2015

    When measuring the gauge of Self Drilling Metal Screws,  (with a drill point) The gauge should be measured fom the drill point or inbetween the thread as per this image from Hobson.


    tek screw

    For other screws including Self Taping, Wood, and Self Drilling Timber Screws, the gauge is taken as a measure of the major diameter of the screw, as per below. (image from Hobson)

    Thanks to Hobson Engineering as a source for the above and below information

  • Australian Bolt Standards

    28 Nov 2014

    We are often asked by customers how to tell the width and thickness (distance accross the flat) of the bolt heads prior to purchase from our website.

    Below is a chart with the dimensions of our stocked high tensile bolts, In accordance with Australian standards.

    Metric high tensile, precision hexagon head bolts, screws and hexagon nuts.
    ISO metric course pitch series threads 6g.
    Property class 8.8 to Australian standards, bolts and screws
    AS1110-2000 nuts AS 1112-200

    Many thanks to Terry O’Shea for fixing this chart.

    Dimensions bolts

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